Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing – Common Questions and Answers about certificate testing and the student dashboard

Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing – Common Questions and Answers about certificate testing and the student dashboard


Q:   How do I take my completion exam with Key Realty School?

You may access your completion exam by signing into your dashboard online using the username and password that was emailed to you when you enrolled.   Click on the testing tab.   Once inside the testing tab, you will see three versions of the exam.  You are only required to take and pass one of the versions.  If you fail one, move onto the next one.  Once you pass, you may print your certificate by clicking on the cert icon under the “passed tests” section.


Q:  Is the completion exam an open book test?

No. It is not open book.  Taking the completion exam as an open book test will not give the student the true representation of their readiness to take the licensing exam.  Once you pass the school’s completion exam without using your study materials, you will know you are ready to take the licensing exam.


Q:  I see several versions of the completion exam.  Which one do I take?  Do I have to take all of them to get my certificate?

You will see three versions of the exam (A, B, C).  You may take any one of the three.  It doesn’t matter which one you choose, you only have to pass one of the versions to get your certificate.


Q:  I didn’t receive a password.  How do I get mine?

Your username and password were emailed to you when you enrolled.  Check your spam folder as well as your inbox for your email.  If you still did not receive it, simply give us a call and we can resend it to you.


Q:  Why isn’t my password working?

Username and password must be entered exactly as shown in the email you received.  It must be all lowercase and you must TYPE it in (cannot copy and paste).  Look closely at the password and make sure you are entering it correctly as they do use both numbers and alphabetical letters.  Do not mistake a zero for the letter O, or a number one for the letter L, etc.


Q:  Is the test timed?

Yes, the test is timed.  You are allowed 1 ½ minutes per question.  If you take longer than 1 ½ minutes on any question or take a break in the middle of the test and resume later, the test will be noted as failed. 


Q:  What if I fail the test, how do I retake it?

If you fail an exam, it should automatically reset for you to retake.  If it does not reset, call us and we will gladly reset the test for you.


Q:  What do I do with my certificate?

You are required to print your certificate and turn it into the Real Estate Division yourself when you apply for your license.  Also, maintain a copy for your personal records.


Q:  Why doesn’t the certificate completion exam show me the ones that I missed?

Giving out the answers to the questions would compromise the exam and therefore you are not shown what ones you got right or wrong.  An explanation of the questions may be provided on request but this will not show you what you missed, it simply gives an explanation for every single question.


Q:  My printer isn’t working.  How do I print my certificate?

Once you pass your exam, your certificate will be stored in the database for printing at any time, from any printer, anywhere.  If you cannot print it at home after completing the exam, you may sign back into your testing dashboard from any other computer at any time and simply click on the testing tab then click on the “cert icon” under your passed tests.  This will download your certificate for printing.