Once you’ve finally gotten your home inspection license, it’s time to get busy. Some home inspectors are able to gain momentum in their career by joining a home inspector association. While being a part of one of these established groups cuts back on how much you will earn from each inspection, it does give you many advantages you would not otherwise have.

Here are some of the perks of joining an association:

  • You can receive updates on new laws and regulations. In the beginning, this may not be as helpful, especially if you have just finished your educational courses. In the future, being aware of recent changes may be critical to your success.
  • Choosing a recognized inspector association will give you credibility. This can be especially helpful at the start of your career, as people have confidence in trusted organizations.
  • Trade insights with active members in your local area. Learning from people with hands-on experience who are trying to overcome similar obstacles can be helpful. You can work together to identify common items that are often overlooked in an inspection as well as clarifying areas that are outside of your responsibilities.

As you determine if joining an association is that right choice for you can narrow down your options by choosing between state or nation level organizations. Some associations require a that you provide an extensive list of your past home inspections, so you may be able to put off this decision until you have put your home inspection license to use and gotten some practice in the field.