Practice testing and final exam testing

Exam Policies

Practice Exams 

The goal of practice testing is to provide learning tools wherein the student can better define concepts. Students should not memorize exact wording of questions as it is highly unlikely that the exact question will appear again. Key Realty School offers many educational programs wherein the school has approximately 20,000 practice exams spread through the variety of courses. Most courses are curriculums have been offered for over 20 years. The sheer volume of students completing the courses have allowed Key Realty School to define practice exams and explanations. That said, approximately one tenth of one percent of questions (a factor of .001) are found to require additional clarification or modified wording per year.  Though the practice testing provides answers and in most cases explanations, additional clarification can be required wherein the student is encouraged to email the school for said clarification. The email should contain the exact area within the course material / curriculum where the question can be found. The email should be explicit as possible as to assist the instructor providing additional clarification. Said general inquiry should be sent to:

Final / Certificate Exams

Final exam answers and answer keys are not provided as this is viewed to compromise the integrity of the exam for future students taking said final / certificate exams. Students should use practice exams to learn and ascertain how well the curriculum is being understood.