Price Match Policies

  1. The enrolling student must illustrate written proof of a similar product at a tuition promoted at less tuition than the Key Realty School product.
    1. The school retains the ability to investigate the validity of the marketed product.
    2. The price match is only applicable to the following products only

i.      Nevada 24 Hour Real Estate CE pack including 12 hours of online and 12 hours of classroom training.

  1. The price match must be noted at the time of enrollment and is not retroactive.
  2. No portion of the price match is redeemable for cash of refund of tuition.
  3. If applicable, the additional 10% savings will be deducted from the similar product tuition at the time of enrollment.
  4. The enrollment must be completed via phone or in person as the online enrollment system cannot verify validity of compared product.