Deluxe - Nevada Broker Review Kit (Physical and Digital)

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For students seeking to obtain their Nevada broker license. The package also includes broker exam prep tools.

Includes physical materials

Package Details:

Course textbook, online study, and the ability to test out online. The package also includes broker exam prep tools such as online practice testing.  45 hr Broker Management course is a textbook the student is required to study for a minimum of 6 days prior to testing out online to receive the completion certificate.  This course is required for anyone wishing to obtain a Broker or Broker-Salesperson license in Nevada.

One Day Test Prep: This is an instructor led, intensive review of the state and national curriculum in order to prepare students for the license exam.  It is an on-site classroom course held every other Saturday from 9am to 6pm PST.  Reservations are required in advance by reserving seats in the student’s dashboard.

CompuCram Exam prep:  This is online software that provides additional practice testing of state and national curriculum to help prepare students for the license exam.  Practice testing helps identify areas that may need further study or clarification.

Once the tuition is paid, the student will be emailed online access to the online course immediately. All physical materials will be sent via UPS to the address noted at the time of enrollment.

  • Broker Management Course
  • E-Course Textbook
  • E-State and National Materials
  • Online Practice Testing
  • Online Video of One Day Test Prep
  • CompuCram Exam Prep
  • Physical Course Textbook
  • Physical Course Review Books
  • Live One Day Test Prep