Inspection 101 & 102 Comprehensive Package

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This package is designed for students seeking to obtain their Nevada Home Inspection license and are seeking to enroll in the 101 deluxe course option and 102 course as a comprehensive inspection education set

Includes physical materials

Package Details:

Once tuition is paid, the student will earn access to an active calendar. There, the student can select the course start date and format their live sessions accordingly.

This package includes both the 101 Deluxe option and the inspection 102 course at a discounted tuition 

The 101 course is offered through physical classroom instruction and via LIVE stream.  See the inspection calendar for exact dates. Once enrolled, the student can use the active calendar to select the dates of course work

The deluxe pack includes:

60 hour 101 course via classroom or live stream

All course handouts

Digital Flash Cards

Compucram Test Prep Software

Online practice testing

Online Course Certificate

Physical NHIE textbooks -These course textbooks are required for the course of instruction and will be used to better prepare for the Inspection licensing exam / further understand practical concepts as they relate to the field of inspection.

This course is designed to prepare the student for the Structural Inspection (Home Inspection) field in Nevada.  An inspector will assess a particular attachment to land (under 10,000 square feet), finding specific defects that will be disclosed to all interested parties.

The state of Nevada will require the completion of a three step process to activate a structural inspection license:


Step 1 –The completion of at least 40 hrs of academic structural inspection education in preparation for the Nevada licensing exam. (This step is completed in the HI 101 course)

Step 2 –Passing the Nevada structural inspection exam with a 75% or better.

Step 3 –The completion of either 25 inspections with an existing inspector or the equivalent in education via our HI 102 course.


The 101 course is not an exam prep course but the combination of the 101 curriculum, the required textbooks, Nevada law reference and the suggested supplemental reference reading material will prepare the license applicant for the NHIE exam.

Some of the things that you will inspect:

Systems and Standards of the home

Driveways, walks, patio, deck, porch…integrity

Roof Surface- remaining life estimate

Mechanical Workings of the home…appliances

Windows- condition of caulking, glazing, storms and panes

Gutters- rust, extension, pitch, or splash block problems

Paint, Siding or Trim- peeling or separations

Electrical Service- proper loops, panel box inspection, circuit testing

Structural Integrity- house & foundation, sags and humps in roofs and floors

Garage- Structural integrity, door opener safety check, and the roof.

This package also includes course 102 –

This course meets all of Nevada’s post-test requirements and is equivalent to 25 inspections with an existing inspector, approved by the Nevada Real Estate Division.

  • 78-hour practical training course
  • Onsite inspections with a full analysis of each site
  • Two NHIE manuals