Real Estate Broker Management

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Mandatory course for students seeking their Nevada broker license: For students seeking their Nevada broker license, this required course cannot be waived through experience. Includes a course textbook and review material.

Includes physical materials

Course Details:

This mandatory course is offered by home study only and can be completed at your own pace.

  • You must keep the course for at least 6 days as the state of Nevada only allows you to study a maximum of 8 hours per day. Students are provided with a course textbook and review material. The student is required to test through the school website or in person to obtain a course completion certificate. The student must score a 75% or better on the school certificate/completion test to receive the certificate.

 This is a required course by the state of Nevada and cannot be waived through experience.  This comprehensive course covers such topics as:

  • Planning the organization
    • Analyzing the market
    • Developing a business plan
  • Organizing the organization
    • Structuring your organization
    • Structuring your business systems
    • Structuring your finances
    • Business policies and procedures
    • Marketing and advertising
  • Staffing and directing
    • Recruiting, selecting, and hiring
    • Professional development for staff
    • Coaching your staff
  • Controlling the organization
    • Monitoring your operations
    • Managing risk
  • Your personal growth
    • Becoming a leader
    • Developing as a manager