BASIC - SAFE (National)

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This course is designed for students seeking to obtain their mortgage lending license. Video explanation of the course offering

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This package is for students wishing to obtain a Nevada Mortgage Loan Originator License.  The Basic 20 Hour National SAFE Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Originator Course includes live instruction that may be attended on site or via livestream video, as well as the course textbook and digital flash cards.   Student must attend all hours in order to receive the completion certificate.  Reservations are required as classes tend to fill up quickly. Students are asked to obtain their individual NMLS number prior to class and provide it to the school for their completion certificate.  NOTE: If student held/still holds an active mortgage license in another state the applicant for the NV license must only take the 10 Hour state specific course and comply with all other applications requirements (fees and filings) with the NMLS and Nevada Mortgage lending division.

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