We’ll help you prepare for the permit exam.

We know you can never be too prepared. That’s why we offer several options for you to get a little extra study time before your property management exam.

We offer two test prep options.

Our test prep course will offer additional materials to help you better prepare for the Nevada property management permit exam.

Video Test Prep

Property Management Licensing Exam


For students seeking to obtain their property management permit and want extra preparation for the exam.

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This 3 hour test prep video is specifically designed to supply a student with additional property management test prep information.

Once the tuition is paid, the student will be sent an email which will provide access to the video lecture.

Private Tutoring

Property Management Exam Prep


Three hours of 1-on-1 instruction and coaching for Property Management Permit with a high-quality instructor.

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This is specifically designed to give students a better understanding of the curriculum in preparation for the property management permit exam. The school tutor will work with the student to ensure success.

Tutoring sessions are given via LIVE stream video and are purchased in blocks of 3 hours only.  Once purchased, the student will be contacted by the tutor via email and the tutor / student will work together to schedule the tutoring sessions via Zoom / LIVE stream video. The student will be contacted within 2 business days by the tutor. Please contact the school admissions office with questions or if you are not contacted by the tutor in a timely fashion after purchasing the session