woman with babyChildcare expenses for a full work day five days a week are pricey enough to make you wonder why you bother to go to work if you’re losing such a large portion of your daily income because you’re not home to watch the kids. However, there are still bills that need to be paid and staying home with your kids without a job just isn’t an option. Fortunately, real estate offers a challenging, fun career that’s flexible — ideal for a parent.

 Set Your Own Hours

Complete the Nevada real estate license requirements and you can be your own boss. As a licensed Key Realty School graduate, you have the freedom to seek employment at an existing real estate agency or to create your own one-person enterprise. Eventually, you might even hire other people. Either way, you can typically set your own hours, freeing you to spend more time with your kids or to better rotate the childcare duties with your spouse or partner.

 Work From Home

While some of the real estate work involves meeting with clients at their homes or your office and showing clients around properties, much of the work can be completed over the phone. Work from your home office to keep an eye on the children as you arrange showings, update clients, complete paperwork, and negotiate deals via online messages or phone calls.

 Take Time off When You Need It

Because they’re paid with commissions, real estate agents are more likely to be able to take long periods off — unpaid, but without risking job security — to care for children after a new child’s arrival, because a kid is sick, or even during the summer when your kids aren’t at school and require more supervision. Sell more properties to earn more money during the months you’re on the job to carry you over during the months you take off work.

Key Realty School courses, like the real estate career itself, are flexible and perfect for any parent’s schedule. It takes less time than you might expect to earn your license and start building opportunities for yourself that allow you more time with your kids — and less money spent on childcare. Contact us today to find out more about Nevada real estate license requirements.