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Real Estate Broker FAQs

Learn more about real estate broker education, and gain a better understanding of Nevada’s broker or broker-salesperson licensing requirements.

  1. One requirement that all three licensure types must adhere to is completing 120 hours of education, which must include the principles and practices of real estate. After taking and passing the state of Nevada’s broker test, brokers and broker-salespeople must then show proof of either eight years of experience or 64 college credits (24 of which must be real estate-related). Students can also use the combination of both experience and education. (Easy formula: Every two years of experience is equivalent to 16 college credits.)

  2. Salespeople can facilitate a sale in the representation of a broker, while a broker can perform the real estate practice independently without a superseding figure. A salesperson must have a broker who oversees the actions of the salesperson, while brokers can oversee themselves.

  3. A broker-salesperson often meets all of the same requirements as brokers, yet do not wish to be independent or have agents working underneath their brokers’ licenses. Broker-salespeople who have at least two full-time active years (out of a possible four) may manage a branch office. Therefore, broker-salespeople can maintain this license for recognition purposes or for the ability to upgrade to a broker license at any time they see fit.

  4. You will have to meet the state of Nevada’s pre-licensing requirements before you can activate a Nevada broker’s license, but you must also take the 45-hour (or 3-credit course) known as “Broker Management.” This course is the only broker requirement that cannot be met through experience.

  5.  The state of Nevada requires 64 college credits. Twenty-four of these credits must be in specific real estate-related courses: 

    • 6 credits of law          
    • 15 credits in real estate-related subjects (business, accounting, economics, etc.)
    • 3 credits of appraisal (can be waived through two years of full-time experience)
    • 3 credits of Broker Management (this course cannot be waived and does not count toward the 64 credits.)

    Each two-year period in which an individual was licensed in Nevada or another state constitutes 16 college credits toward the requirement. Therefore, an individual licensed for eight years may waive all requirements except Broker Management. Licensees with over eight years of experience do not need to show proof of college education. A certified licensing history from your state serves as proof of experience, along with broker signatures if applicable. Please call Key Realty School to obtain the contact information for your state licensing department.

  6. Prospective brokers or broker salespeople with less than eight years must obtain a copy of their college transcripts. (Education is valid for life, so it does not matter how old it is).

    Proof of previous education from other states, like pre-licensing or specific broker education, is also acceptable. Contact the respective school or show proof of a licensing history from the state in which the license was active. The state will require official college transcripts, but the licensing department will accept unofficial transcripts when the transcripts appear to be legitimate copies of the official. The policy to accept unofficial transcripts is at the discretion of the licensing department.   

  7. No. Education is valid for life, but a broker must have two of the previous four years of full-time experience. A broker-salesperson does not have to show proof of an active license, just education and/or previous experience as a licensee. 

  8. Key Realty School offers many 3-credit college courses. The school can provide up to 21 college credit hours of education to prospective licensees. Courses titled “broker upgrades” meet the three-credit requirements.

  9. Key Realty School can provide students with a maximum of 21 college credits toward the brokerage requirement. The school also works with many online colleges to fulfill additional credits.

    To obtain a broker’s license, we can assist an applicant with only four years of experience and no college experience. Contact the school admissions office today to have your credentials assessed by a broker licensing specialist.

  10. Prospective licensees who have a college education must assess how much of the education fits the profile of the 64 college credits noted above (24 credits must be in misc. business subjects).

    If the individual has a college education in business or a related field, the process of meeting the state’s requirements is much easier. Prospective licensees who do not have specific business credits can take courses we offer to meet Nevada’s business credit requirement. Individuals using education only must first activate a broker-salesperson license — the individual does not have the required two years of experience to become a broker.

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