Once you’ve receivedA real estate agent handing over house keys to another person your first-year education requirements or have your real estate license and gained experience in the field, you may want to continue your education to improve your real estate skills. For over 30 years, Key Realty School has provided education to over 50,000 students. Our dynamic instructors, course materials, and school counselors provide a learning environment that has helped shape the business practices and careers of licensees for decades. Key Realty School offers a post-licensing course specifically designed to maintain a student’s understanding of the real estate field and sales process as they progress through their first year of license. This course will provide you with practical knowledge so you can better serve clients throughout both the listing and sales process.

Our in-depth real estate classes are centered around providing students with knowledge of laws in the real estate industry and resources for improving their skills as real estate agents. Learn about contracts, listings, technology, ethics, advertising, property management, escrow, financing, negotiation, and more, with our continuing education courses after completing your first year of education requirements.

At Key Realty School, we offer education and encouragement through our best teaching practices and equip you with everything you need to become the best real estate agent you can be. Contact Key Realty School today to continue your journey in the real estate industry.