Real Estate Licensing in Nevada

A real estate license can open many doors if you are willing to put in the time and energy that it takes to complete courses and learn the occupation. Licensing can seem daunting to some individuals, so here is a breakdown of the steps in receiving your real estate license and the continuing education involved in real estate licensing in Nevada.

  • Pre-Licensing – Pre-licensing refers to the classroom, home study and online programs associated with the course before attempting to complete the testing. In Nevada, there is a 90 hour pre-licensing course that offers an all-encompassing view of the state and national laws regarding real estate transactions. The classroom course offered at Key Realty School consists of four subjects covered over 90 hours. Realty, Agency, Finance and Nevada Law are all of the topics covered within the classroom course. Key Realty School also offers a home study option that includes national and state guided workbooks to help the student to achieve the same positive result as a classroom student.
  • Types of Licensing – The types of licensing for real estate offered at Key Realty School include salesperson (agent), broker Salesperson, and broker licensing. Salesperson licensing is the first step in any real estate career. Real estate licensing in Nevada covers the initial laws and principals of real estate, as well as the state and national regulations to practice within the state of Nevada. This individual must work under a Nevada Broker. Studying to become a broker salesperson gives the licensee an opportunity to take the appropriate courses and complete the exam before completing the two years of licensed experience required to become a broker. Finally, a broker is a licensee who has met all broker education as well as all testing requirements. A broker does not need to work under any other licensee and may employ others.
  • Continued Education – Continuing education is essential when receiving your real estate licensing in Nevada. A real estate license in Nevada must be renewed every 2 years and may require a review of the exam courses covered in pre-licensing. Taking additional courses may act as a refresh for the licensee and help to develop their skills over time.

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