If you’ve decided to become a real estate agent, both the real estate school in Reno, NV you choose and DEC3-real-estate-school-reno-nvthe style of classes you take can have a big impact on your career. Online and classroom education both have their pros and cons. Read on to discover which might be best for you.


Taking online courses has two major advantages. The first is flexibility. Many online education programs are designed to be taken whenever and wherever is convenient for you. You can fit in course work around the demands of a current job and/or family. The other main advantage is a big savings in time and money. Not only are online classes usually less expensive than their in-classroom counterparts, but you also save money on transportation costs and any other costs taking a classroom course would incur such as childcare, missed work or snacks.

Interestingly, flexibility can also be one of the biggest disadvantages to online education. Some people find it difficult to get motivated or to have enough self-discipline to get the work done without a set time or place to meet. Another big disadvantage is the lack of interaction and opportunity to network both with instructors and fellow classmates.


The disadvantages of taking courses online become the advantages of a classroom setting. There is the discipline and accountability of having to show up at a certain place at a certain time. There is also direct, face-to-face interaction with your instructor with the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers on the spot. There’s also the opportunity for networking with your peers.

On the downside, there is often a lack of flexibility with classroom learning as well as the costs associated with transportation — not to mention the cost of your time.

Whichever option you choose, taking real estate classes is sure to give your career a much-needed boost.