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Real Estate FAQs

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  1. Key Realty School has a number of different ways in which the student can meet the state of Nevada’s requirements, whether it be by classroom, home study, or the combination of both the classroom and the home study. Whatever method of education is chosen by the student, it is imperative that the student understands all of the subject material before taking the examination.

  2. Yes, depending on how many hours of pre licensing education the prospective licensee took in another state. (See the out of state licensee page) Though the student can waive portions of the education, licensing exam at the state approved testing center.

  3. Many successful licensees in other states have sought refuge in the savvy Nevada real estate marketplace. A senior member of the NAR was quoted when speaking about the Nevada real estate market with the following statement: “If a real estate licensee cannot succeed in Nevada, they wouldn’t be successful in real estate anywhere in the United States. From licensees prospective, it’s the easiest real estate market in the country.”

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