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Expanding Your Real Estate Referral Network

Successfully preparing for and passing your Nevada state licensing exam is a major milestone on your journey to becoming a real estate agent. You figured out how to get a real estate license, and now it’s time to start putting your education to work. In addition to finding a brokerage to work with, one of […]

Reasons to Pursue a Career in Nevada Real Estate

There are numerous reasons why one might choose to purse a career in Nevada real estate. With more people being willing to relocate these days thanks to remote work — and being able to take advantage of more flexible housing options as a result of that — it’s never been a better time to earn […]

The Difference Between a Broker and a Real Estate Agent

When studying to become a real estate agent, you’ll undoubtedly encounter the different types of career paths one can take in the real estate industry. One common question we get involves the difference between a real estate broker and an agent, particularly since the differences can be unclear at times. The simple answer to this […]

How Do You Explain Real Estate Commission to Clients?

Deciding where to retire is a momentous decision that people need to carefully consider before they make their choice. Nowadays, people often decide to retire to new locations for a variety of different reasons.

How to Become a Licensed Appraiser in Nevada

A licensed appraiser determines the monetary value of a property, and is a key player in the real estate industry. In today’s market, the high demand for qualified real property appraisers is rising for a wide range of clients: loan collateral purposes, property disputes, insurance companies determining the value of a property, tax assessments, and […]

Benefits of Taking Nevada Real Estate License Classes with Key Realty School

How do you find the right real estate license classes to take if you’re looking to enter into the world of Nevada real estate? If you have acquaintances who already work in real estate, talking to them would be a good place to start. If you’re doing research online, you’ll want to find a real […]

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