State Testing Information

Nevada subcontracts out to a testing company by the name of Pearson VUE. This page is designed to aid you in understanding many of the policies and procedures surrounding this testing company.  Pearson VUE  maintains a website for further explanations at Pearson Vue.

Testing can be scheduled through the Pearson VUE site OR via phone 888-248-8055.

Pearson VUE  has many testing centers across the United States in which a prospective Nevada licensee can take the licensing exam. (Use the “Find a test center” on the right option menu once this link has opened) Click here to explore locations.

Key Realty School Nevada testing code: 107 for classroom / 107.1 for correspondence (traditional book study) / 107.2 for internet OR any code denoting Key Realty School as the provider. *The provider testing code selected should be based on what method the majority of study was completed. The Pearson testing center may ask for a specific exam code which further defines the exam the applicant intends to take. Click here to obtain Pearson Exam Codes.

It would be of benefit for any prospective licensee to obtain a testing information packet on the test in which the student is preparing for.

Click here for the general information package for Nevada testing

Content Outlines Per License Type