1. Thank you for taking the time to complete our exam debrief form. Once completed, you will be sent a coupon code which can be used for any course in the future. Most students use the coupon for their first year post licensing but you may use the code how you see fit.

  1. Prospective broker or broker salesperson applicants are encouraged to have their credentials evaluated as it pertains to qualifying for the Nevada broker or broker salesperson license.

    A delineation of remaining education requirements will be supplied after the submission of this form.

    Questions related to this form and the submission thereof can be forwarded to Email@KeyRealtySchool.com or 800-472-3893

  1. Records of courses completed within the previous 7 years can be obtained through the school records database: www.KeyRealtySchool.net

    Nevada Administrative Code 645.404 requires Educational transcripts to be retained for 7 years from the date of course completion. Key Realty School retains records for 8 years wherein records for course work completed more than 8 calendar years prior are traditionally purged and not required by law to be retained.

    Example: 2011 records are purged in 2020 as said records are deemed more than 8 years prior.

    Though Key Realty School is a Nevada based educational institution, Key Realty School will maintain records longer than 8 years when state specific law mandates such.

    Students who are requesting records for course work more than 8 years prior, may complete and submit this records request form. Once submitted, the school records clerk will attempt to retrieve records that are outside of the legal requirements of document management as defined by law.

    By submitting this form, the student deems the information true and correct to the best of their knowledge and understands that records over 7 years old may not be available as said records may be purged in accordance with Nevada law. The student will be contacted using the information entered into this form within 5 business days of request. Students who are not contacted should call the admissions office at 800-472-3893.

  1. Please review our Guaranteed Pass in order to see if you are eligible.

    *Students must complete and submit the reimbursement form below. Upon confirmation of refund requirements by the school, the student with receive a refund for the first state exam fee of $100.

    Please reach out to email@keyrealtyschool.com with any questions. 

  1. A course withdrawal will not be considered if the original enrollment date was more than 90 days prior to the course withdrawal date. Students are encouraged to review section 20 of the school policies prior to completing and submitting this course withdrawal form. All students are subject to the same withdrawal policies regardless of circumstance. This and all other withdrawal policies are in accordance with NRS 394 and other federal /geo specific laws when applicable.

    Once submitted, the student and the school will receive a copy of the completed withdrawal form. The course withdrawal will be processed within 5 to 10 business days. Please contact the school admissions office at 800-472-3893 if your course withdrawal request has not been processed within 10 business days.

    By submitting this withdrawal form, the student has entered the aforementioned information to the best of their knowledge and has reviewed section 20 of the school policies. The student understands that there are legal thresholds for course enrollment and course duration which may prevent the student from withdrawing from the educational course.