Buying a house is an enormous investment for your clients. Because they are taking years of income to put towards this purchase, making the commitment to buy can be tough. Once they’ve decided to make the purchase, inspections have to be passed, mortgages approved and paperwork processed. You may not receive your first commission until months into your career. Some agents make it through their first year or two by helping clients find rental properties.

One way to dive into Nevada real estate is by helping clients seeking rental properties. Sometimes helping these clients in their search for a home can take as little as a week. You will learn how to gauge a client’s wants and budget based on what is available for them.

You may find that providing this service works best in cities that have a large population of renters. Rather than finding properties on their own, clients choose to use agents as it saves time when weeding through properties online and scheduling meetings with property managers.

While the commission for these agreements is significantly lower, the time investment is also lower. Close to the end of the renter’s lease, they may be looking for a permanent home. If they’ve already had a great experience working with you, then they may turn to you to help them find a home.