glasses for studying courseworkStudying for your Nevada real estate license exam can be intimidating, but the first step in any successful agent’s career path begins with passing a PSI exam. PSI is a program used by hundreds of state governmental agencies and professional associations to license and certify professionals in a variety of fields. The testing they prepare is rigorous but essential in ensuring a safe and well-qualified real estate industry overall.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for PSI testing to become a real estate agent in Nevada:

  • Read through the Content Outlines Per License Type. Depending on your licensing goals, you may have one or more exams to study for. Make sure to review in full the content outlines per license so that you understand what you need to study. Use these as guides to make study plans and timelines so that you have ample time to review, take practice tests, and of course, schedule a testing session. Use our PSI testing page to get started.
  • Review the Key Realty School Study Guide. We pack this document with helpful hints to help you navigate your PSI exam successfully. From testing techniques to reminders on maintaining your well-being throughout the stress of testing season, post this guide in your office or near your desk while you study to keep you on track.
  • Use online course work and practice testing to your advantage. A combination of live and online classes can help you with retaining the information you need for your PSI exam while practice tests will reinforce the areas you need to spend more time reviewing. Use practice testing and quizzes along with online coursework to stay fresh on the key topics you’ll need to know for the test. Take note of any questions you get wrong in the practice exam so you can review appropriately.

These are just a few things you can do to get started towards passing your PSI exam and being well on your way to a real estate license. Contact us for more information about PSI testing and how we might be able to assist.