So, you’ve decided to become a real estate agent! One of the best perks of working in Las Vegas, or really anywhere in Nevada, is seeing all the unique and gorgeous homes—those you’re selling and those you’re helping your clients find. Staging is an important aspect of making these homes attractive, so here are a few tips to help you do it yourself:

Bathrooms & Kitchens

The bathroom and kitchen are two places in the home that are closely scrutinized—they really need to be spotless. Spotless! Also, having ample counter space is a big draw for prospective buyers, so clear all the clutter and decorations; keep it simple.

Check appliances and fixtures—get new if needed, these are a great selling point, or polish up what’s there.

Closet Cleaning

Many times, sellers and selling agents focus on décor, which is something of a misstep as it is impossible to capture the style of every prospective buyer. What everyone loves is storage space! Spend time cleaning out closets and storage areas. Don’t simply organize them, remove bins, boxes, and large items to show off the open space.

Nose Check

If the home for sale has pets or a smoker, it is time to freshen up! Remove all remnants of smoking or pets that have any kind of odor—this might be ashtrays, bedding for pets, etc. You’ll also want to invest in new carpets and area rugs, or at least pay for a professional steam cleaning.