The Difference Between a Real Estate Broker and an Agent

When studying to become a real estate agent, the difference between a real estate broker and an agent can tend to be unclear. The biggest difference between a real estate broker and an agent is their educational requirement. In Nevada, there are three types of licenses issued by the Nevada Real Estate division:

Salespeople (or real estate agents) have completed the 90 hour pre licensing requirements and operate under a broker. A real estate pre licensing course will cover topics such as general realty practices, operating under an agency, finances, and critical state-specific laws.

Broker Salespeople have completed the educational and testing requirements to become a broker but have continued operating under a broker. This is typically the case for salespeople who have not completed the two years of licensed experience required in order to operate as their own broker.

Brokers have completed all the educational pre licensing requirements in addition to broker licensing courses that cover topics related to firm operations and management. Topics in these courses may include day-to-day operations, staffing and learning how to become a manager, assessing risks and proactively planning organizational changes to the business.
There are many differences between a real estate agent and a broker. If you are aspiring to become a real estate agent or property manager, learn how to get a real estate license in Nevada through our live classroom or online pre licensing courses.

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