When it comes to choosing a school for your real estate education, you are going to want one that offers a Feb2large variety of classes in a wide array of areas associated with real estate. Key Realty offers nine different areas of study, is known for its great track history of enrolled students and has excellent job placement statistics.

Key Realty is located in northern Nevada, has had over 50,000 students attend their post-secondary programs and is known as offering premier Nevada real estate education. The school has course materials for all types of students, and has been offering real estate and business courses for decades.

What Educational Courses Do They Offer Prospective Students?

Key Realty offers nine different areas of study that includes pre-licensing, test preparation, and continuing education for mature students. These areas of study include:

  • Appraisal: Key Realty offers four appraisal courses under pre-licensing that cover the initial appraisal education requirements. It is broken down into: 30 hours of Appraisal Principles, 30 hours if Appraisal Procedures, 15 hours of USPAP 2016-17, and three hours of Nevada Appraisal Law. For students who want continuing education, there is an update course that consists of seven hours.
  • Association Management/Community Management: Key Realty offers a 60-hour Community Association Management course that allows students to activate their CAM certificate which is needed for Association Management. They do offer continuing education courses that are required for Association Managers every two years.
  • Business Broker: Key Realty’s pre-licensing preps the student with all of the content required to take the Nevada Business Brokerage examination. Students who obtain the permit must do three hours of continuing education every two years.
  • Inspection: In order to get a structural inspection license, a student must complete 40 hours of academic structural inspection education, pass the exam with a 75 percent or better and complete 25 inspections with an existing inspector.
  • Mortgage Lending: Key Realty offers a 30-hour pre-licensing education which is broken down into two sections. A 20-hour SAFE Act course, and a 10-hour state specific section. For those in continuing education, they will need to take a 10-hour SAFE course for their Mortgage Agent renewal license.
  • Property Management: Key Realty offers a 24-hour property management education for pre-licensing. They also offer a test preparation seminar, and continuing education courses.

In addition to the above, Key Realty also offers pre-licensing and continuing education for Real Estate and time shares. All courses are designed around state regulation and the requirement per each permit.