Time Share Pre Licensing App

Time Share Pre Licensing Education

NOTE: Key Realty School has temporarily suspended the Time Share course due to the demand of the Real Estate license to be used within the Time Share industry. Many project brokers are demanding the real estate license to practice time share sales. This would allow the licensee to practice both time share and real estate sales. (Many projects now have condominiums for sale within the project)

Click here to review the Real Estate Licensing course

Key Realty School offers the 14 hour Time Share pre licensing course once a month. This two day course will completely prepare students to take and pass the state required Time Share licensing exam at the PSI testing center. The school works with many Project Brokers throughout Nevada to insure all graduates work for Nevada’s premier Time Share resorts.

The Practice of Time Share sales is regulated by NRS and NAC 119A. Please use the following link to review Nevada law governing time share: Nevada Law 119A

Key Realty School does not have any Time Share pre licensing courses currently scheduled.

Nevada does allow the Real Estate licensees to practice time share sales. Therefore the higher status of real estate licensing is recommended for all prospective time share sales applicants.