Tips for Showing Properties While Social Distancing, Part I

Social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19 can pose some challenges when trying to show real estate. Even during a pandemic, people are still buying and selling homes, and there are even other scenarios that may call for the need to show a home to a potential buyer who can’t be physically present. Here are some tips from our Nevada real estate license school for showing properties while maintaining social distancing:

Create a video tour: Even without social distancing measures in place, having a virtual tour of each property available on your website and social media is recommended. Do a walk-through of the home and narrate the tour as if the potential buyers are there with you.

Go live on social media: If you have a property you’re especially excited about, or there’s a feature in one of your homes that you really want to show off, go live on Instagram or Facebook to feature it. Viewers can ask you questions in real time, and going live on social media pushes your content to the top of the feed because the platforms value this type of content over others.

Use video conferencing: If you have a potential buyer interested in a specific property, you can show them around the home on a video call. Programs like Zoom offer apps that allow you to also use them on your phone, so you can give the client a personalized tour of the home without them physically being here.

Not only are these options great for showing properties during social distancing, but they can prove useful when showing a home to someone who is relocating from across the country or who can’t be physically present for some other reason. At Key Realty, our Nevada real estate license school prepares our students to effectively show and sell real estate in any circumstances! Visit to learn more.

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