Male Real Estate Agent in a Suit Standing in Front of a Home with a “For Sale” Sign in the Yard
In part one of this blog we talked about ways to virtually show a home in order to maintain social distancing, strategies that can be useful even when we’re not minimizing contact due to a pandemic. There will be times that potential buyers need to see a property in person, however, so here are some tips from our real estate school for doing so safely:

Limit the number of people per showing: Definitely try not to show the home to more than one party of potential buyers at a time, but also encourage the potential buyers not to bring along their children, parents, or other individuals who aren’t critical to the buying decision.

Disinfect the home thoroughly prior to showing: Make sure all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected prior to showing, and be sure to pay attention to high-touch spots such as doorknobs and countertops.

Open all doorways before the potential buyer arrives: Make sure any doorways that you and the potential buyer will need to pass through are already open, that way they won’t need to touch any doorknobs and potentially pick up or leave behind germs.

These are just a few tips for instances when you must show a home in person, and we recommend visiting the CDC website for additional measures to keep yourself and your clients as safe as possible. Key Realty real estate school is committed to making sure our students are trained in all aspects of real estate; visit if you are interested in getting your real estate license with us!