Tips for Your First Listings

Keep in mind that a buyer needs to be reminded of your contact a total of 5 to 12 times before they act. This means that you, as a realtor, need to follow up with each lead you receive. The real estate industry can be challenging at times when it comes to finding leads in a tumultuous market.  Here are a few tips on finding listings and how to hold onto your clients.

Follow-Up – Did you know that many potential buyers/sellers feel that they have been let down by their realtor since they never followed up with them? This can happen as a result of a realtor not wanting to “chase” a client or pursue them after the initial interaction. This is extremely incorrect. The buyer or seller will need to be contacted on a regular basis to feel important and that their time and money is important to the agent. When you receive your Nevada Real Estate License it can be important to hold onto those connections that you have made during study sessions and exams.

Targeting Can Work – Keep in mind the types of buyers and sellers that are in your community. These include divorcées, individuals that inherit property, or vacant homes in your area. A quick way to find properties that are being inherited is by consulting the county clerk’s website for your area. They will have a public record for the cases regarding “inheritance” for the previous month. This will give you a place to start and know which properties might need to be sold in the future. With your Nevada Real Estate License, it can be beneficial to approach the home owner and become familiar with that they are considering for the newly inherited property. They might not be looking to sell right now. However, if you keep them on a consistent schedule to follow up, you might find that the owner will be selling the property when they realize how much upkeep the additional property will be, or that there are hidden terrors in the walls by the way of electrical and plumbing that needs maintenance.
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