Tips on Dressing Professionally as a Real Estate Agent

If you become a real estate agent, then you will have many decisions to make. Will I work part-time or KeyRealty_Blog_1_April16full-time? Where should I attend real estate school? Once I am an agent, what should I wear? How much time you devote to your career will depend on your needs. A real estate school in Las Vegas can give you the training and information you need to be successful. Since there is no official dress code for real estate agents, how you dress will depend on the area of the country where you work and personal choice. Here are some tips for you.

Dress for Success

Suits are pretty standard for both men and woman real estate agents, especially at open houses and awards ceremonies. Make sure the suit fits you well or go with a tailored fit. Women’s skirts shouldn’t be too short and heels shouldn’t be too high. If in doubt, lean on the conservative side and over-dress rather than under-dress.

Be Prepared

A real estate agent is constantly on the go. For that reason, many choose to keep a suit or blazer in the car of office when time is of the essence. If you are coming from a showing of a $100,000 condo to an open house of a $2 million house, a blazer can improve a casual outfit. Some agents choose to keep a complete outfit in the office for a quick change, and put the company logo on the outside of the garment bag for marketing.

Clothing as a Marketing Tool

Your attire needs to look professional and successful but if it is too drab, it may make you forgettable. A little color will help you stand out and be remembered. Color also infuses energy into your look, which may help you attract new clients. This could be a tie, purse, scarf or even blazer with a bold color, but don’t overdo it. In this case, a little goes a long way.

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