key realty property managementAre you considering a career in real estate as a property manager? Maybe you are new to the field and would like to know favored qualities of a property manager? Key Realty School can help you get the education you need with Key Realty Property Management courses, but here are a few qualities that a great property manager should possess.

  • People Skills – If you do not like people, a career in property management may not be the best option for you. As a property manager, you will need to communicate well with tenants. This includes working out issues when tenants are upset and persuading property owners to make home improvements to maintain or increase property value. Friendly, positive attitudes will go a long way and are necessary in building and keeping relationships with tenants.
  • Well-Organized – When working with multiple tenants and properties, it is important to be well-organized. This includes keeping your contact information up-to-date for owners and tenants as well as maintenance, contractors, and vendors. You may need to coordinate property tasks across several locations, such as lease payments, inspections, and services, and keeping yourself well-organized will keep you sane and your tenants happy.
  • Attention to Detail – Along with being well-organized, a property manager should be detail-oriented, staying informed on the latest laws and regulations to make sure the tenants and owners are safe and the properties are always up to code.

With Key Realty Property Management courses, you can take your real estate license a step further and become a property manager. Key Realty School offers property management classes as well as other post-licensing courses. Visit today to learn more about our Nevada real estate licensing courses.