KitchenIt can be easy to be intimidated by the ever-changing world of technology. Watching people turn to a smart phone rather than a real estate agent when they have questions can make your job more difficult. But rather than relying on just your education from real estate licensing school, continue your learning by discovering how to use technology to your advantage.

Smart home technology can help you make an impression on home buyers in the following ways:

Stay Cool:  Use smart home products, like the Nest thermostat, to customize the home showing experience. With the touch of a screen, you can program the home to be the perfect temperature before you even arrive! This is also a cost-effective addition, as you can adjust the thermostat when you are not in the home.

A Commanding Presence: Wow buyers with the Amazon Echo. With a simple voice-command, you can cue lights and music to transform the atmosphere of a room. Today’s consumers get excited about products that are useful and convenient. The Echo is a perfect example of this.

With these smart home bonuses, you can make the home showing experience truly memorable.