OfficeHave you been considering taking that next step in your real estate career and getting your property manager permit? Learning the requirements for property management licensing in Nevada can help you decide if this should be your next career move.

Prior to applying for a property management permit, you will need to obtain a Nevada Real Estate License, according to the Nevada Real Estate Division. Your real estate license cannot be applied for at the same time as applying for property management licensing in Nevada.

Next, you must attend a 24-hour Property Management Pre Permit course offered by an accredited school. You will need proof that you have completed this course to obtain your permit. After completing the pre-permit course, you will need to take the Nevada Property Management exam. Some students elect to take pre-testing courses to help prepare for the exam.

Within a year of completing and passing the exam, you can apply for your permit. You will fill out Form 545 on the Nevada Real Estate Division site and provide a $45 application fee. At this time you will show proof of your real estate license, meeting the education fulfillment and a passing exam grade of 75% or better. Key Realty School offers courses in Continuing Education, Pre Licensing and Test Prep.