Gated Community of Identical Housing Units | KeyRealtySchool.comKey Realty School offers a diverse range of real estate training courses, not the least of which is our community association management license program. The job of community association managers is essentially to uphold the overall integrity and personality of the organizations they oversee. These organizations may include homeowners associations, condominium buildings, and housing developments.

Community association managers may be only part of a government chain in any given community. Depending on the size of the association, there may also be a board of directors or simply a small group of resident volunteers who contribute to decision-making. Nonetheless, a community association manager still typically oversees some or all of the following areas of management:

General maintenance. An association manager ensures all common areas of a community are clean, safe, and operational. These areas may include sitting rooms, swimming pools, fitness rooms, and parks. Managers may not physically make all repairs in these spaces themselves, but they should ensure the entities they contract get the job done on time and under the association’s budget.

Community Services. Association managers might also oversee common services provided to the community, such as garbage pickup, snow removal, landscaping, and security. In all cases, a community manager should ensure projects throughout the association are performed under budget for each month.

Assist with Legal Issues. Community managers do not have to be legal experts, but they should know generally how local laws affect their associations and how community members can get legal guidance for community-related issues.

If you’d like to make a career out of managing a planned community in Nevada or elsewhere, you can get your community association management license from Key Realty School. Nevada requires candidates to complete 60 hours of training courses to acquire their community association management license. For more information on how Key Realty School can help you with this, visit