What Does a Home Inspector Do? : Home Inspection Licensing in Nevada

Home inspectors cover the entire length of a home during their visits. It is important for an inspector to be trained to evaluate every visible inch of a property before his or her final decision. There is quite a bit of training required to receive your home inspection licensing in Nevada. Here are the basics of what is covered within a home inspection course to ensure full and accurate training.

  • Systems and standards of the home
  • Driveways, patios, deck, porch
  • Roof surface and the life estimation before the roof will need replacing
  • Appliances within the home
  • Windows including the condition of caulking, glazing, storms and panes
  • Gutters to check for rust, extension, pitch, or splash block problems
  • Paint, siding or trim for peeling or separations
  • Electrical service including proper loops, panel box inspection, circuit testing
  • Structural integrity by checking the house & foundation, sags and humps in roofs and floors
  • Garage and structural integrity are checked as well as, door opener safety check and roof of the garage

Inspections of the inside of the home usually begin at the top of the house as many programs teach an “Outside-In, Top-Down” approach, which is a reliable method for examining a property in its entirety. The outside of the home includes walking the property to assess the walking grounds, driveways, gutters and exterior of the building. Then, the roof is inspected to estimate the life estimation of the existing structure. The crawlspace is the final place to be inspected in a home as it would show any leaks or plumbing issues as the rest of the home is checked by the inspector.

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