You completed your real estate education with Key Realty School and are now certified to work as a real estate agent. You may be thinking, what is the best way to make as much money as possible?

A photo of real estate agents showing a home with stairs and wood floors to a couple.Some real estate agents swear by work with a real estate brokerage in your area. However, once you start getting deeper into your work, you may want to expand without being forced to pay ever-increasing fees and splitting a fair amount of your commissions with the brokerage. This is when real estate agents start looking into hanging their Nevada real estate license with a trusted brokerage.

Hanging your real estate license means keeping your license active and receiving commissions on real estate deals with a realty group.

Associating your license with a broker allows you to keep your license active and practice real estate. If you have recently obtained your real estate license, you may not want to continue to pay increasing prices to be part of a board or MLS. Instead, you can hang your real estate license with a 100% broker, meaning you can receive 100% commission fees and only have to pay a flat rate for each sale.

Hanging your real estate license with a brokerage can allow you to work as a free agent, making your own decisions, instead of relying on a brokerage to direct your business.

However, this may also entail more of the marketing, scheduling showings, and working from your own office. The decision is yours to make.

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