What Makes a Great Appraiser?

appraisalBecoming an appraiser is a great career move for many individuals, particularly those that have a natural interest in real estate, love to meet new people, and get excited about helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership. Becoming an appraiser is a livelihood you’ll feel great about!

At Key Realty School, we offer licensing courses in appraisal, as well as continuing education courses so that you can stay sharp in your field. This industry can be tumultuous, but if you consider yourself a true professional and an asset to the transaction, you’re likely to find success. Here are a few more attributes to hone and master to find greater success:

  • Cultivate objectivity toward the house; cultivate a personal relationship with buyers and agents
  • Stay abridged of local topics for the area in which you work, such as school information, current planning projects, etc
  • Be prepared for every appointment—a huge component of the sale rests on your appraisal
  • Be prompt, always—whether you’re headed to an appointment or following up with clients, do so promptly. There is a good chance that agents and buyers are anxiously anticipating your findings.
  • Set proper expectations; under-promise and over-deliver

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