As you research how to get a real estate license in Nevada, you may be wondering what topics are covered in the required education classes. Nevada requires a total of 90 education hours. So what should you expect to cover in your real estate courses?

The four topics covered in a pre-licensing school are based on the 4 sections of the Nevada Real Estate licensing exam:

Realty – The first course typically found in a pre-licensing school can be considered a “Real Estate 101” course. Your instructor may cover topics including time management, property valuation and property acquisition and transfer.

Agency – Some pre-licensing schools will combine the Agency section with the Real Estate Principles section of the course. This section typically covers industry specifics so that new realtors are well prepared for the real estate agency environment.

Finance & Appraisal – The finance section of your pre-licensing school will cover topics related to pricing and listing. This course covers the business aspects of real estate.

NV State Law – This course explores the legal parts of Nevada real estate. You will most likely learn the best ways to avoid legal problems and the truth behind common real estate law myths.

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