So you’re interested in launching a new career in the exciting world of real estate Realtor handing keys to new homeowner | KeyRealtySchool.comwith our Key Property Management in Las Vegas courses. But what exactly will a career in property management entail? Here’s what you can expect:

Rent: Property managers are responsible for setting, collecting, and adjusting rent. They understand the market where their property is, setting rent rates accordingly, they collect rent when it is due and enforce late fees when it isn’t paid on time, and they adjust rent, increasing it annually or even decreasing it if they feel that is necessary.

Tenants: Property managers are responsible for all aspects of managing tenants, from finding and screening potential tenants to handling leases, dealing with complaints and emergencies, and managing move outs and evictions.

Managing the Property: Probably the most obvious aspect of being a property manager, this involves making sure all aspects of the property remain in working order and that nothing falls into disrepair. In most cases this will mean hiring the right people for maintenance and repairs, but some property managers will fix problems themselves.

Does this sound like the right career path for you? We offer courses for Key Property Management in Las Vegas.