books with a model house on topWhether you are looking for an online course option, a home study or a classroom setting, there are plenty of schools in Nevada State that provide prospecting students with real estate education. Key Realty, a real estate school of Nevada, is a northern Nevada post-secondary institute that has over nine different courses related to the field of real estate. An example of a few of these classes is: real estate, mortgage lending licensing, appraisals and inspection.

But when it comes to choosing which school you would like to get your education from, you are going to want to choose a school that has high job placement statistics, a high student quality of life quota, and a large track history of enrolled students who have graduated. Key Realty offers jobs for graduates at over fifty different companies and partners, plus they are partnered with Realty Connection which provides recruitment tools and referrals for students.

Flexible Course Selection!

Key Realty has had over 50,000 students attend their post-secondary programs which include state exam preparation, pre-licensing, post-licensing and continuing education for mature students. All courses that are done within the classroom are done live, with an in-person professor.

All courses are broken down either into thirty; twenty or ten-hour segments and all course materials will be provided to you. All pre-licensing courses follow state regulations and prepare the student for the federal exam that is required in order to obtain your license. If you choose to go with a pre-licensing education, this can be done online through the online course option, does in the classroom or done in a home study.

Excellent Reputation and High Praise

If the above isn’t enough, Key Realty as a real estate school of Nevada, also has an excellent reputation that has allowed it to acquire and provide students with referrals and connections to many real estate firms and brokerages across the state. Firms like Realty One Group, Easy Street Realty, Security National Mortgage and Remax all give Key Realty high praise.

For students who want to apply to Key Realty, you can enrol either through their advancement forms to secure your course seat, or you can apply at the admissions office or on-line. It is important that you note whether you are a mature student who wants to do continuing education, or a student who required pre-licensing and a state exam.