Common Real Estate Questions Part II

In our last commonly asked questions blog, we discussed the importance of real estate agents in the home-buying process. Real estate agents can help you find homes in your price range and negotiate with sellers, recommend professionals who can help appraise your home and conduct inspections. Las Vegas real estate agents can help you price your home, negotiate, set up open houses, etc. If you are buying a home, you may have a few more questions.

  • How many homes should I see before making an offer?

This question may be relative to the location you are looking at, however, it is common practice to see at least ten homes before putting in an offer on one. This allows you to get a full scope of what a home has to offer compared to others in the area and may give you leverage to negotiate.

  • Should I get a home inspection?

YES. A home inspection will save so much time, money, and worry in the long run. A home inspection will look at the air conditioning, the condition of the roof, electricity, and plumbing, all of which are serious needs in a home. If any of these are not up to par, you can negotiate the price before signing.

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