Renew your Nevada property management permit.

Key Realty School’s property management courses for permit renewal are an easy, affordable way to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in the field.

Nevada requires 9 hours of continuing education per renewal period.

This course package includes everything you need to complete your permit renewal.

Our property management continuing education is designed for active license holders to renew their property management permits. This program satisfies Nevada’s requirements for license renewal and covers 9 hours of continuing education, including management, leasing, and tenant/landlord relationships.

9 HOUR Property Management Renewal Package - Online Course


This course is designed for students seeking to renew their Nevada Property Management Permit

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Package is designed for licensee, renewing their real estate license whether for the first time or subsequent renewals, who hold a Nevada Property Management Permit.  This package will meet the 9 credits of Property Management requirements for their renewal.  This course package is completed online.