Appraisal Pre Licensing

Key Realty School offers four appraisal courses all designed to complete state requirements surrounding pre internship education (See the continuing education page for any course work completed during and after the internship) The state of Nevada requires 78 hours of initial appraisal education before an individual can become a registered intern recognized by the state. (See: The Nevada Appraisal Licensing Page AND The Legislative Page for an explanation of the requirements) Please note the subject matter that makes up the 78 hour session listed below. Recent changes have been made to the appraisal licensing requirements by the Appraisal Foundation. These changes are commonly referred to as the criteria changes. Click here to examine the criteria changes in detail.

The pre licensing program is divided into four parts, but it can be taken as one whole to meet the intern education: (Each course or section can be used for continuing education for existing appraisers if needed.

The pre licensing course can be completed through online course work.


Key Realty School provides Nevada based curriculum to national forums for which the curriculum is delivered.  

Online courses have become a popular way to complete the Appraisal pre licensing requirements. The course package will include the required topics of:

– 30 Hour Appraisal Principles

Will provide the basics to students with no appraisal background. This 6 day course will provide students with the basic principles of appraisal including aspects of Real Property Concepts, Legal Considerations, Influences on Values, Economic Principles and ethical elements of appraisal. This course is traditionally taken as part of the 78 hour appraisal course but may be taken as review or for continuing education.

– 30 Hour Appraisal Procedures

An overview of real property concepts and characteristics, legal considerations, value influences, real estate finance, types of value and economic influences related to appraisal. This 6 day course will provide students with the basic procedures of appraisal including aspects of report writing, Valuation Procedures, Data Collection and Data Analysis. This course is traditionally taken as part of the 78 hour appraisal course but may be taken as review or for continuing education.

– 15 Hour USPAP

Introduce/review Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. NOTE: Students are encouraged but not required to purchase the 2022-23 USPAP Textbook separately and bring their copy to the course. Key Realty School no longer sells the textbook at the school admissions office. The current USPAP textbook can be purchased as a digital file or hard copy directly through the Appraisal Foundation: * Click here to purchase the USPAP textbook in PDF form. The course tuition does include the 15 hour USPAP student manual. The 15 Hour Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice is a three day seminar that will meet the Appraisal Foundation and Nevada Pre Licensing requirement relative to USPAP pre licensing hours. This course is always taught by an Appraisal Foundation approved instructor and therefore the certificate can be used in multiple states toward pre licensing requirements. This course is traditionally taken as part of the 78 hour appraisal course but may be taken as review or for general continuing education. NOTE: The 15 Hour course will not count toward the 7 Hour USPAP Continuing Education requirement.

– 3 Hour Nevada Appraisal Law

*Scroll down on the linked page to find the 3 hour NV appraisal law course. See course titled “Laws for Nevada Appraisers.” 

Nevada Appraisal Law Tuition : $95.00 ( Includes State materials) This course is a popular add on to any online course that does not include the 3 hour Nevada appraisal law and this course may be required for those students taking online only course activity. The 3 hour Nevada Appraisal Law course is designed to meet the minimum NV Law pre licensing requirements. The primary curriculum focus will be NRS and NAC 645C. This course is traditionally taken as part of the 78 hour appraisal course but may be taken as review or for continuing education.

Key Realty School works with Hondros Learning and McKissock Learning to develop and provide appraisal related curriculum wherein the Learning Management Systems of Key Realty School, Hondros and McKissock may be used to deliver course curriculum.  

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National Supervising Trainee Course

In addition to the standard 78 hour pre internship course work noted above, the applicant applying for a Nevada appraisal internship registration must complete a supervisor trainee course.

National Appraising for the Supervisor and Trainee addresses the national topic areas for supervisory appraisers and trainee appraisers specified by the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) of The Appraisal Foundation in the Real Property Appraiser Qualifications Criteria. Other coursework discussing the similarities and differences of specific jurisdictional qualifying regulations may supplement this course.

The course commences with an overview of national and state appraisal regulatory bodies as well as a comprehensive discussion of the minimum AQB qualifying criteria for supervisory appraisers and the various appraiser classifications. Obligations of appraiser ethics and competency are also discussed with a focus on supervisory appraisers and trainees. The course concludes with specific roles and responsibilities of supervisory appraisers and trainee appraisers, including a final unit that serves as a best practices checklist, designed to ensure thorough and meaningful supervisory oversight, and best practice development by trainees in appraisal development and reporting.

– Additional Pre Licensing course work outside of the original 78 hour Pre Licensing requirement

All online course work requires proctor testing – Use this link for additional information about the appraisal pre licensing proctor testing process

The online delivery system for real estate appraisal license courses was one of the first in the nation to gain approval from IDEC The IDEC standards insure the best quality in delivery and support is routinely delivered to the student. Online Real Estate Appraiser Schools displaying this seal have met the high standards of quality required by the International Distance Education Certification Center for online real estate appraiser licensing courses and real estate appraisal schools.