Property Management Test Prep

This optional test prep seminar is designed to assist students in better preparing for the Nevada Property Management permit test. The instructor will outline the major topic points of the exam and the specific curriculum needed to pass questions related to each topic point. Previous class evaluations have shown that this seminar increases the property management test score by 7 to 15%.

Seminar Tuition: $50

The 3 Hour LIVE Property Management Test Prep Seminar is offered the Tuesday following each even month course (February, April, June, August, October and December) Property Management course. See the property management calendar for all future dates and times.

If the 24 hour session preceding the test prep is offered via LIVE Stream video, the test prep session is also offered via live stream.

Enrollment in a Property Management works kit that includes the test prep will automatically include the test prep via recorded video wherein students can access the recorded session on demand even outside of the LIVE events noted above.

Enroll in advance to reserve your space in the class (these classes do fill up)

  • The enrollment / tuition payment for the class permits the student to attend any property management test prep offered.

Scheduled Times: 2PM to 5PM

Tuition for the Property Management Test Prep Seminar is $50