Have you been looking at real estate schools and considering taking steps toward getting your license? As you learn more about the online and in-class curriculums offered by Key Realty in Las Vegas, take a moment to prepare for your future as an agent. Understanding how you will be paid once you finish school and begin selling can help you develop a plan for a career in real estate.

Real estate agents typically receive payment based on a commission that is a small percentage of the selling price. This payment typically goes through a brokerage firm and then to the agent. How much you receive of that amount primarily depends on the brokerage firm you work for. Some brokerages divide the commission evenly, while others keep as much as 60- to 80-percent. More established agents may have an arrangement where their brokerage firm receives a fee per sale rather than a percentage split.

Another factor that can reduce your commission is that the listing agent and listing broker may receive a portion of the commission. Because these factors can change from property to property, the amount you receive per sale can vastly differ from house to house. You will want to keep these items in mind, once you start searching for a brokerage firm you want to look for. Before you accept a position, make sure that you are comfortable with the commission split the brokerage offers.