Legislation Update and Course Content Changes

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Changes to the education required to obtain and maintain a Nevada Real Estate License are coming in October of 2021  

SB 230 was passed in the 2019 legislative session. In lite of this bill, the Nevada Real Estate Commission adopted regulations to support this bill. These regulations will take effect October 1st 2021

What you need to know:

Link to commonly asked questions and answers as it pertains to the regulation

The following courses have recent updates as it relates to federal / state legislation and general curriculum updates:

Use the following link to review important clarification about the Nevada Business license and requirements thereof as it pertains to Nevada real estate licensees:

Additional information about the 2019 legislative session and the bills deemed most relative to the practice of Nevada Real Estate:

SB103, a bill designed to assist with affordable housing by allowing local governments to reduce or subsidize certain fees


SB151, a bill to remove and revise certain provisions related to evictions


SB398, which would allow local governments to impose rent control and inclusion zoning


SB473, revising the definition of affordable housing


SB117, a bill that originally contained language that would have required real estate agents to redact some recorded documents and has since evolved into the creation of a form available for homeowners to record


SB74, a bill on evictions


SB212, a measure dealing with non-consensual towing in residential complexes


AB266, which pertains to the sealing of eviction records


SB199, a bill that originally would have required real estate agents to disclose property taxes due to buyers and has since been amended to require communication between the recorder and the treasurer or assessor


SB367, which would allow pets in low-income housing


AB335, A bill revising the fees that an association may charge for services