Business Broker Pre Permit Package via LIVE instruction

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For students seeking to obtain their business broker permit via live instruction. Next class is February 17-19 2023. See course details

Includes physical materials

Package Details:

The February course offering will be classroom ONLY. Though this seminar is provided through live classroom instruction, the attending student must still complete the course final exam to receive credit as this is an online course wherein the student is attending the live seminar to better their understanding of the online course curriculum. See general calendar for upcoming dates. The certificate of education afforded upon successfully passing the online course final exam will indicate that the course was completed online. Online / correspondence business brokerage course work is acceptable by the Nevada Real Estate Division.

*Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops to the session as the instructor will be using Excel in the class seminar.

Benefits of taking the live seminar:

  1. Business Income Approach Valuation and Pricing Excel Workbook.
  2. Business Income Approach Valuation and Pricing Excel Workbook Power Point presentation.
  3. Market Approach Business Valuation and Pricing Excel Workbook
  4. Market Approach Business Valuation and Pricing Power Point presentation.
  5. Power Point presentation titled The Mathematics and Magic of Seller Financing.
  6. Demonstration set of recast financial statements
  7. Two sample Confidential Buyer’s Review reports
  8. A copy of book titled Turning Black Ink Into Gold: How to Increase Your Company’s Profitability and Market Value Through Excellent Financial Performance Reporting, Analysis and Control