WORKS Real Estate Salesperson Pre Licensing Package

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Real Estate Pre Licensing course in LIVE format (physical classroom or LIVE stream) with added features for exam preparation. Video explanation of the course offering

Includes physical materials

Package Details:

This package is for anyone wanting to obtain a Nevada Real Estate Salesperson license. The Nevada Real Estate Classroom Pre-Licensing program is broken into 4 separate subjects (Realty, Agency, Finance and Nevada Law). Each subject is taught M-F each week, either in the morning 9AM to 1:30PM, or the evening 6PM to 10:30PM, a new class begins every Monday (of the first day of the business week if there is a Monday holiday).

A new one of the four subjects begins every week. It doesn’t matter which subject / week the student starts with or ends with as long as the student learns all 4 of the subjects. Once the tuition is paid, the student will be sent an email with log in credentials. The log in credential will allow the student to reserve their course sessions and select the delivery type (Classroom Vs Live stream) for all sessions.

Classroom and livestream students select their start date, location, and course delivery method in the active student portal (supplied immediately after enrollment). New classes begin every week. See our course calendar for available classroom/livestream start dates.
Once tuition is paid, the student will earn access to an active calendar. There, the student can select the course start date and format their live sessions accordingly.

The Classroom Works course provides classroom instruction or live stream zoom,  physical textbook, workbook, home study guide, online access, practice testing, audio files, recorded 120 hour course videos, placement with brokers, mobile friendly, real estate dictionary, test prep seminar, additional exam prep software, physical and digital flashcards. (Most Popular Choice)  Classes may be attended LIVE on site or via live stream video.  Reservations are required in advance as classes tend to fill up quickly.

  • 120 Hour Course (live or recorded)
  • Audio Files
  • Online Practice Testing
  • Online Course Certificate
  • Placement with Brokers
  • Real Estate Dictionary (PDF)
  • E-books
  • Chapter Quizzes
  • Online Practice Exam Questions
  • State and National Workbooks
  • Physical Textbooks
  • One Day Test Prep Seminar On-site and Pre-recorded Videos
  • Digital Flash Cards
  • Physical Flash Cards
  • Instructor Q&A
  • National Online Review
  • Additional Exam Prep Software
  • Live Math Review On-site and Pre-recorded Videos