Obtaining your fingerprints and commencing your background check early (soon after enrollment) will ensure your ability to activate your license in the quickest method possible. There are two approved methods to obtain the required fingerprints and start the Nevada Real Estate Division required background check.

NOTE: The required background has a validation period. The validation period is 180 days but the Nevada Real Estate Division has the legal ability to reduce the validation period to 90 days at anytime without advanced notice. In lite of this, it is recommended that the applicant submit the licensing application within 90 days of the fingerprint submission. The Nevada Real Estate Division may require the background check to be completed again if the licensing application is not submitted within 180 days of the background check. Additional information can be found on the Nevada Real Estate Division Fingerprint Page.

Hard Copy

It is recommended that applicants who elect to initiate the background check out of state, complete this hard copy option. When the applicant submits the hard copy cards (2), they must pay with a CASHIER CHECK or MONEY ORDER in the amount noted by the Nevada Real Estate Division within the fingerprint requirement page and make the instrument payable to the DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY.  The applicant attaches the prints to their application or sends the prints to the division in advance of the application. The division will forward the prints and fee to DOPS. (Complete and attach this form if when submitting the prints: Division Fingerprint Form)

Mail the Fingerprints, fees and Division form to: Nevada Real Estate Division, 3300 West Sahara #350 Las Vegas NV 89102.

Three items should be in the US Mailing to the Nevada Real Estate Division:

  1. Completed Fingerprint Cards (Standard Fingerprint Card FD-258)
  2. Cashiers Check Made Payable to the Department of Safety as denoted on the Nevada Real Estate Division Fingerprint Page
  3. The Division Fingerprint form to identify the purpose of the prints and for further applicant identification

NOTE: Students outside of Clark County Nevada should complete two fingerprint cards at a sanctioned fingerprint center such as a police station.


When the applicant is electronically submitting the fingerprints, the vendor they choose will collect the department of safety fee and submit the fingerprints with the fee to the Nevada Real Estate Division. The electronic option must be completed in Nevada. Persons electing to complete the fingerprint process outside of Nevada should see the Hard Copy section of this page. Use this link to view all approved electronic fingerprint centers in Nevada: Approved Fingerprint Centers.

Please find our recommended electronic fingerprint centers below.

Clark County

Fingerprinting Pros
2620 S Maryland Parkways Suite 17
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: (702) 734-2665

Located in the Sahara Town Square/Smith’s Shopping Center

Applicants are encouraged to visit the vendors website for current hours, fees and other pertinent information

Washoe County

Fingerprinting Express
1320 E. Plumb Lane Suite A
Reno, NV 89502
Phone: (775) 322-5587

Located near Reno Costco and Mor Furniture in Airport Square

Applicants are encouraged to visit the vendors website for current hours, fees and other pertinent information