Congratulations on your decision to become a real estate agent in the great state of Nevada! This can be an exciting career move that will allow you some flexibility over your schedule and income, the opportunity to see gorgeous homes, and the capacity to help people achieve their dreams of home ownership. It is very fulfilling. The first step is likely to be the least attractive: taking real estate license courses and passing the state exam. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Take your real estate license courses with a reputable school, such as Key Realty School. Not only will this help ensure that you learn the right things to pass the exams, it will also help center your career and shape your business practices for success.
  • Find a study buddy that is taking the same coursework as you are. This can provide a higher level of accountability and help you master the material more thoroughly.
  • Although it may be years since the last time you took the exams, many of the same rules still apply—get a good night’s sleep, have a good breakfast, and try to create a calming atmosphere the night before and the morning of the exam. Cramming didn’t work in the past and it won’t work now.
  • Take your time and be attentive during the exam. Be careful to read questions thoroughly and pay close attention to the wording. Take guesses if you are unsure of an answer, and be sure to check the test over to catch any silly mistakes.