house for saleJumping into your first house showing is a thrilling and stressful time for a new real estate agent. All your studying is starting to pay off. You have done everything to prepare. You completed your real estate licensing in Nevada. You did your research, gathering information on the potential buyers and homes for viewing. You can see your first commission on the horizon.

Before the house-hunters arrive, consider these simple tips to help your first showing go well:

  • Remove the Owner’s Pictures – While it might seem like having personal photos around makes a place cozy, it can distract from buyers looking at the structure of the home itself. By taking pictures down, the focus stays on the home and the future buyers might carve out there.
  • Acknowledge Places that Need Repair – It might seem counter-intuitive to point out the flaws of the house, but it shows buyers that you are aware of issues and those items will be taken into consideration when it comes time for inspection. You are demonstrating that you understand the process of real estate licensing in Nevada. This also helps build trust with your buyers.
  • Clean Up Pet-Related Items – Leaving pet toys, food bowls and crates around can make a place feel older, fill a home with unpleasant odors and aggravate allergies. Remove whatever you can. If some items are still left behind, make sure that these are clean and orderly.

Taking a few extra minutes to prepare the space you are showing can give you that edge that gets you one step closer to closing.