Are you interested in becoming a home or property inspector in Nevada? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just knowingTwo-story brick home with low cut green grass and a smooth driveway | about houses. Before you start planning your home inspection career, make sure to review these 3 steps to meet the Nevada requirements for attaining your license:

Step 1: Complete educational requirements

You must complete 40 hours of educational courses to satisfy the NAC 645D.210 requirements and receive your license. These courses will teach you how to inspect the basic standards of a home, structural integrity, windows, electrical systems, garages, and all of the components that increase or decrease a home’s overall value.

Step 2: Pass the Nevada structural inspection exam

The Nevada structural inspection exam is 175 multiple choice questions based on the 101 course. You will need to have a good understanding of the science, internal and external components, and maintenance issues that affect a property’s value. Applicants complete their exams in state testing locations.

Step 3: Inspect 25 properties with an existing inspector

To complete section 3-II of the NAC 645.210 Requirement for licensing, applicants must inspect 25 properties with a licensed inspector. Alternatively, Key Realty School offers an inspection course that includes 6 onsite inspections, along with full analysis, and meets the requirements for observation inspections. This is an ideal course for applicants who are looking to hasten the licensing process or having difficulty finding an inspector.

See our Home Inspection FAQ to learn about education requirements, state exam information, and costs for becoming a home inspector in Nevada.